Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend plans

It's weekend once again! It seems only yesterday when I was making plans of going home to Cabanatuan and see my friends. Time is flying so fast indeed!

Well, as for our weekend plans and I hope I get to accomplish everything I will list down here.
Domestic duties muna.

1. Dentist appointment - I should prioritize this otherwise I won't be able to do anything because of this toothache.

2. Wet Market - We thought it would be cheaper if we will buy at least 2 weeks food supply in the market rather than buying it from Cash and Carry.

3. Laundry - Since we are in the tipid mode, I decided we will just do the laundry instead of taking them to laundry shop.

I should rest naman after all I had a tooth extraction Saturday di ba?
Hahaha! I just realized how will I do all those stuff when I just had nga pala a tooth extraction. Silly me.

So it's a rest weekend after all?? If that's the case I hope I can still work online this weekend, maybe I can join a friend who is working in an insurance marketing firm on her late night schedule or I can just play and play games on facebook. I hope our internet application will be approved and installed soon so I'll have something to do this weekend.

For the meantime, it is still not weekend so meaning I still have to work.
Here's wishing you all a great Friday and a meaningful weekend!!!

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