Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuxedo Business Suites in Cebu

And because we are not the "rich couple having their vacation in Cebu while the business is doing well in Manila" long before we had this trip I scoured the internet for cheap hotels,inns and hostels in the entire Cebu over and over just to make sure we don't regret it.

But sad to say I failed. And this is the point where I have wished na sana we are rich and that we could afford a five star hotel everywhere, yes even the gulf shores Alabama hotels and not worry of the expenses.

So I booked " Tuxedo Business Suites" because it's the cheapest place I found. Room for 4 person is at 1,300.00 but really the service is so bad. There is only one man, one receptionist and one guard when we get there. The room smells old. The aircon is surprisingly good. You have all the basic, like towels, slippers and a soap which is fine with us but the fact that they don't give you free hot water for coffee does not sit well with us and they said they have 24 hour convenience store but it is only like a "sari-sari" store which only sells noodles and coffee . Oh well for its cheap price I guess you just get what you paid for. So I should stop complaining now no? It looks good though in the picture.

the lounge upstairs

our room

The toilet
The hallway

I've seen a lot of nice but not too expensive place to stay in Cebu, I hope I can post them also so it would be of help to those who are thinking of traveling in a budget to Cebu in the future.

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  1. you can try at Sugbutel - ONLY P199/person/night. The place is just walking distance to SM City Cebu. Check them at


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