Friday, September 11, 2009

Traveling light to CEBU tonight

We're leaving tonight for Cebu ( I know I've mentioned it too many times already) but I am excited people so please bear with me. It would be a nice break for me and hubby especially at this point in time where dear husband needs all the thinking and relaxing before making one big decision for a major change.

Thank God the weather is not too bad as t has been these last few days, my friend from Cebu said it rain occasionally in there but only on afternoons so we can bear that.

We are traveling LIGHT because our plane fare is only 450.00 per passenger round trip. Got that last March in one of Cebu Pacific's lowest promo. Obviously that does not include a check in baggage and we are fine with that, we don't need much clothes anyway and certainly no UGG boots or any rubber shoes for hubby there.

Again, like any of our other trips, this will be a budget trip as we don't have money to splurge but I assure you that won't hinder us from enjoying.Hope I can post details with all the expenses we will incur, who knows it might help those who wants to travel in budget too.

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

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