Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sick again

I don't know why I have been sickly these last few months. I have always been healthy since childhood days and as a matter of fact I was never admitted to hospital for confinement in my whole 36 years of existence. And I am so thankful for that.

So yesterday, I was not able to come to office again because I have to stay in bed and rest, severe cough and colds and I just felt so weak. I am not still feeling well today but I forced my self to report to work otherwise I'll be reprimanded na. Hay buhay slave talaga.

I wonder what's wrong with me? I'm taking vitamins naman and am not doing any physically hard work naman. Ist it because I'm really becoming so old? sigh..or it has something to do with PCOS or weight problem? Do you think it is time for me to enroll in weight loss program? I guess yes.

I need to motivate my self for that. Lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Be healthy again and hopefully conceive someday di ba?

Anyways, got to go now..wishing you all a nice and healthy day! (unlike me)

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