Monday, September 28, 2009

Ondoy and the flood

the gate/garage
our dining area
our motorbikes
the kitchen - so obviously we were not able to cook food for a time

Those are some of the pictures we took last Saturday. It's my first personal experience of house being flooded. As you all now we just moved in a little over a month ago and when the water started coming inside the house noontime last Saturday, I was like..what? we are being flooded? because the landlord didn't mention about that, but then a little later I learned that Metro Manila and some nearby provinces are submerged in water and also I also learned that the last time this house/area get flooded was 20 years ago.

It's scary, watching the water going deep, you do not know what to think, good thing the bedrooms are upstairs so we have an option, but right at that moment i was thinking what if the rain don't stop?

Praise God we are all safe, the water was knee deep inside the house, we moved up all the stuff we can moved because were afraid the water might get even higher, it reached near the kitchen sink, an up to our not so Kohler faucets but outside it's worse as you can see the motorbikes are all underwater.

I almost did not sleep, I wanted to watch the water subside and make sure it won't get deeper. And the news is even depressing, there are still people on their roof waiting for rescue and it's already midnight, people sleeping at the LRT station, and the facebook is swamped with messages of people asking for help.

It's not a good weekend. But I do hope and pray everyone gets back to track after this calamity. My heart goes to them who lost their loved ones, lost their homes. And in the end I still end up praising HIM because he made us safe in HIS hands.

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  1. i feel for you, sis. i know how it's like. we've experienced this too before, andito nga lang ako sa MIndanao but we got exactly the same situation like you do. i hope by now, the flood already subsided.


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