Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kitchen remodeling

One of the last place we visited in Cebu is the newly opened Parkmall, this is in Mandaue and it’s very new, few shops are open and there are still lots of vacant stalls. It looks so big but when you get in there, you can visit the all the stores in less than an hour. So we stayed there and waited, one thing that I liked though is the Expo bath and home shop. My eyes feasted on beautiful bath tubs and whirlpool, wash basin, toilet bowls that will surely wow you especially when you see the price tag. One bathtub actually cost 400,000 plus. I think I can already buy a house and lot with that.

We also saw kitchen and living room furniture, I so love the couches which cost a fortune also. Someday when I get rich I will also have them. I will have the grandest kitchen ever. I want the beautiful granite counter tops Tacoma, Washington, Redmond houses and other local communities in the US have this kind of counter top. I actually just saw a blog who recently had her kitchen remodeled and it was beautiful. Look good and pretty easy to clean.

Well, I can keep on dreaming of beautiful bedroom, kitchen and toilet but for me to realized that dream, have to get back to work.

Bye everyone! Watch out for our Cebu pictures soon!

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