Friday, September 25, 2009

Inventory software for your business

Small business, home business, small investment, been researching for articles, good reads, tips and everything about it for the last few days, I do that during my free time while updating status and checking feeds on facebook :)

And somehow I stumbled upon this inventory software, one that would be of big help for business owners out there, especially in the stocks/warehousing area. One item has actually some features like this;

• Barcode Printing
• Automated Physical Counts
• Support for Store Manager Classic
• Price, Cost, & SLP Lookups
• Vendor & Location Lookups
• Add, Subtract & Replace Inventory
• Add New Items
• Edit Item Information
• Change Item Location
• Built-in Reports
• Export Capabilities

Somehow, small business might become easier if you have this no?

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