Friday, September 25, 2009

I want another holiday

To say that I am ecstatic because it’s Friday is an understatement. It’s so early in the morning and I can’t wait for this day to end. I’m beginning to love as in dearly love weekends, because it only means rest for me. And for this weekend, I am looking forward to some pampering time. Foot spa, haircut, manicure and pedicure. Who wouldn’t be excited right?

I also had a conversation over facebook chat with my best friend last night, and we are planning a get away weekend somewhere. I actually asked for it. I don’t know. I just feel that I need to do something new, something different. Honestly speaking, I am getting bored of what I am doing here in Manila. Maybe that’s the reason why I am sad and mad for the past days or of course we women can always have that universal excuse. Blame the hormones and because I have much hormonal imbalance due to PCOS you can blame that too.

Anyways, so my friend and I thought of a weekend getaway in a beach or a nice resort in Subic. I suggested that too. Well, I can’t think of much better way to relax than go on a holiday with friends. I do not know if Subic has Cornwall cottages like they have in UK, I took time to look at over the internet and saw that they are so nice. A home away from home indeed. A one week stay in this place will rejuvenate me ten times. Hehe! but any ordinary holiday cottages in an ordinary resort will do for now, or a beach somewhere, maybe Anawangin again if possible or Puerto Galera. Anywhere it would be it is fine with me as long as I go on a holiday soon!

And to think we just came from Cebu last month. Hay, what’s happening to me? I hope I can find ways to make these self catering holidays cheap. Or do I need to work hard so I can have a holiday well spent?

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