Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great time with great friends!

I had a wonderful holiday yesterday. I traveled hundred miles and spent at least 4 hours sitting and bored in the bus last Sunday but it’s worth it. I went home to Cabanatuan City to meet and reunite with special friends. We had so much fun!!!

Tere and I now officially call it “annual sleep-over” although I am hoping this would not be just once a year get-together.

We’ve missed each other so much. Have not seen them for over 3 years and it seems we just saw each other yesterday. I am so amazed how deep rooted the friendship we had. The feelings including all the secrets we can’t tell to just anyone were shared and discussed as soon as we sat down and have coffee. And we all matured really big time, before we will chit-chat with alcoholic beverage in hand and we will not sufficed our selves with just sitting in someone’s home but will be out there on the best gimik place in town. So I can say we all gotten matured in terms of that. But of course we jokingly said that we are “old” now. Plus the fact that most of us are now moms except for me and Tere and the kids were there and had great time too!

Just wanna share photos from the get-together. It’s a bit sad though that we missed one of our girl friend named Tess. So Tess, if you happen to read this, if you happen lang kasi I know naman walang internet sa bundok..hehe! please know that you are deeply missed by us.

sorry for the blurred photos..the kids are taking turn in taking pictures eh :)

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  1. reminds me of my girl friends too. looks like everyone is having so much fun :)

    wishing you a productive week ahead, Rocks...


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