Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're moving!

And I know I am happy to move but I feel sad at the same time. We have been at the mission's center since we got married and I can't help to feel a little sentimental about it. We have had our lots of first there as husband and wife. I have learned a lot from living in there especially on matters about relationship.

But then, I am excited to have finally our own place. Well, we will still be sharing with our very good friend (missionary couple) they will occupy the other room but we can still call it ours. I mean, there will be no more curfew hours, no visitors restrictions, and we can do whatever we want..oh the freedom of having your own abode!! I am so excited!

So we started packing up our things and hubby will start moving them tonight.

Praise God for the provision and for giving us the courage to move and have that step of faith.

I'll post picture soon once we're already settled.

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  1. All the best for your plans, Rocks. i knew that feeling of having your own place to enjoy. i am about to move in too to my new place in the next few days. hope things will work out fine. good luck to us!


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