Thursday, August 27, 2009

Still on home improvement

We've been improving the house since we moved in, we still need big stuff such as a big couch but that can't wait. Our bedroom looks like a real bedroom now.Yey for that! And I am still trying to make the room spacious by removing all the unnecessary stuff in it. Actually I am going to sell the two plastic 5 layers cabinets we have and will just buy 2 small organizer box that we can put underneath the bed.

The living room and the kitchen doesn't need much of improvement specially the flooring because it's newly tiled, the ceramic tiles they used are quite good. if we have money we will buy four dining chairs that will match the dining table we have now or better yet if we were blessed even more we might buy a new dining set.

Home improvement is exhausting and expensive but when you see how nice it is, definitely worth the effort.

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