Friday, August 7, 2009

Longest funeral procession

In two decades. I know that this is something that our grand children's children will be studying on the next generation as part of the Philippine History so I make sure I participated. Not only me but I tagged along hubby whom I appointed as the photographer so I can just look and flashed the L sign to everyone.

We waited along South super high way corner Arellano st. We waited for two hours but that's fine. It's worth it. The feeling is different. Suddenly the love for the country was there and you just want to show the world that you do care.

Here are the pictures that hubby managed to capture in spite of the heavy rains.

It's yellow all around!

Some of our friends and our 2 foreign missionaries were there too with us!

The long lines and the yellow cyclists

And finally..the coffin of the late President Aquino.

Goodbye and Thank you our dear and beloved president! The Philippines will never forget you.

And for those who are looking for the Manila Bulletin's error you can see it here.


  1. Good that you managed to take part of this event despite the blend of weather. My entire neighborhood were all glued to our tv sets during that day and we were so much amazed dun sa outpouring mga tao and to think isa pala kayo dun. T'was such a very blessed day.

  2. kung di lang malayo ang place namin i would definitely drag my kids to witness this.


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