Friday, August 28, 2009

Exit signs

How important is the exit sign for you? When you enter a certain premises do you look for it and make sure you knew it before settling? Or are you the type who doesn’t care that much about where those exit signs are.

I used to be complacent about it also but there have been a lot of tragedies I heard over the past that made me paranoid about it. One that is forever etched in my memory is the Ozone disco tragedy that claimed a lot of lives, most of them just about to graduate from high school. Had there been many exit doors and EXIT SIGNS visible that night there have been more lives spared.

And how can I forget the big earthquake of 199? I was there in Nueva Ecija at that time and was supposed to meet a friend from that school building that collapse and trapped a lot of college students. So I guess it is understandable that I am bit paranoid about it.

Now, when I go to movie houses I make sure I know where to exit and how to do it quickly just in case something bad happen. I make sure I saw it before sitting down and enjoying the movie. Recently a friend of ours moved into a condominium type of apartment too and the very first thing I noticed was that the fire exit was locked and she doesn’t have the key, so I told her it shouldn’t be that way. You see? I am indeed very vigilant about exit signs.

But of course I know that I cannot stop any bad incidents from happening. Even if I do all the necessary precautions and all if it is meant to happen then it will be.

But I still believe that the most important thing to know is that whatever happened to you whether you are inside a building or out there playing under the sun, you know you are safe in God’s hands and that you have entrusted your life HIM. And if He is taking your life at any moment you know where you’re heading to.

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