Monday, August 24, 2009

Conceiving soon?

Happy Monday Morning everyone!

It was a busy weekend for me and hubby. We had loads of tasks and we didn’t have enough time to stay home and fix more of our things so we are still sleeping in a room that is not so organized yet a lot better than the one we had before. I am serious on making it as organized as I can and making it clutter free.

My next plan after settling is to see a new doctor and consult again and be serious in finding help. This means I have to be so serious in helping my self too. Lose weight, established an exercise time with hubby and developed a more healthy eating habit although we started on that one already. I still praise God that PCO syndrome is not as hard as cancer treatment & prescriptions are not as expensive like other health disorders.

Guess what? A lot of people we know are commenting about us moving to that new home, new place and new environment. And it amazes me how a lot of them are saying that this time we might conceive already. Maybe because they are thinking we will now get enough rest. Well, All I can say is “hopefully yes”.

Of course I’m praying it would be soon.

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