Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will catch up

Things are not yet okay with me, this past few days are horrible. That explains why there are no entrecard drops, no blog visits, no blog entries and all. But I decided to just blog to at lease ease the burdens and stuff I have.

I already have here in my USB loads of pictures from several happenings we had in the past few weeks. I hope I can upload them all to facebook later today.

For the meantime here's my list of to blog :

1. Manila Ocean Park - done!!!
2. My very first FISH SPA experience
3. Anawangin revisited
4. Liz (our youth missionary from USA) farewell party.
5. Young professionals (now young couples) fellowship also Michelle's baby shower.

So you see? even I am sick or I feel sick right at the moment there are still good stuff happening around me from time to time, well except for this week I guess. Anyways, will try to do all those blog entries this week.

HAve a nice day everyone!

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  1. you're coming back to anawangin? sarap niyan!!! we're planning on seeing nagsasa cove next time!


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