Friday, July 10, 2009

Missing Farm Town

I planted sunflowers - gone to waste, planted wheat- gone to waste, planted strawberries-gone to waste. That has been the life in my farm now eversince we lost internet at home. It's like I'll play today and not for a week. I planted again rice which I hope I can harvest today before it go to waste again for the nth time.

Good thing the animals in the farm are not dependent to the farm owner, otherwise all my chickens and horse and sheep will be dead now. At least there you don’t need to feed them and give them anything like cattle supplies. I am not really a good farmer I know. But guess what, I am dreaming of my own farm someday, with trees (yup! something like the faceboook farmtown), crops, cattle, chicken, and a nice farm house.

I wonder if I can harvest my crop now.

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