Thursday, July 2, 2009

Manila Ocean Park

Entrance Fee : 400.00 for adults
If you live in Manila you get 10% discount. Yay for my ID addressed in Manila.
For kids : 350.00 ( If I am not mistaken)

I think it's sulit na for 360.00, you get to enjoy a lot of sea creatures you don't see so often. I hope all my nieces and nephews can visit all together one time. It would be fun!!

We went there June 24 which is holiday in Manila, there are only few people there actually.

That's us in front of Ocean Park, the scary spider crab, and the spotted garden eel.

J-mie and me, I didn't dare touch the star fish, and more ocean lovely creatures.

That's a shark (yes the one in the embryo or egg?) , you can not take pictures with flash so pardon the blurry and not so good pictures, of course I only have a point and shoot camera so that's understandable. hehe!

next pictures : FISH SPA!!!

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  1. Those are some great images! Its been a long time since I was last at an aquarium.


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