Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life is changing

It's been a busy busy week for me, I have been coming to work much earlier than my usual time and coming home later than the usual time also. Evenings had been busy too, last Tuesday was my brother in law's birthday and last night was worship team fellowship. Our schedule of waking up is getting better..that's the nicest part of it! I've been waking up at seven in the morning since Monday! Hubby is doing the same too which is a lot better.

By the way, have I told you guys that I have been terminated from work? yes, I was given until the 9th of August actually.

I feel bad and not bad at the same time. I know I still have work ( sorry it's a bit complicated) but definitely schedules and perks will change.

I only wish I will have time to rest before moving on to the other fence.

Go home to province and meditate and think and plan and just relax and enjoy. Or be with the husband 24/7, do ministry together, hang out with friends, look for store sale together or just stay at home and watch old movies. I miss doing those stuff. Sigh. I hope I really can do that.

For the meantime, it's reality world and my reality is that I have loads of work today.

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