Thursday, July 30, 2009

Health /PCOS Update

I am planning to see a doctor (OB) again, after a year and a half of just letting it go, pass by and wait if I can be pregnant without any aid or medicines. I don’t know. I am so frustrated and a part of me doesn’t want to go to the doctor still. Just thinking of the money and the stress I will have to go through. But I know also that I need to see a doctor. I’m still looking for a good but not so expensive OB-Gynecologist, if only money is not a big issue with us I’ll probably choose the best one there is.

I’m still over weight, hubby actually noticed this morning that I am getting bigger. Well, for one I stopped dieting, I don’t take any diet pill or slimming supplements. My only exercise now is going up to my office which is in 3rd floor walking and going down again in the afternoon. I know I did not take my losing weight seriously. And I don’t want to say I am going to exercise and diet again. Promises..promises.

You see, I stopped dieting but I actually learned to eat the right way now, not a lot of sugars, small amount of everything, no midnight snacks, and we learn to get away with oily foods too. We boil instead of frying.

But I guess the PCO syndrome is really making it hard for me to lose weight. But still I am thankful I don’t have all the side effects of it like having so much hair, acne, diabetes, and etc.

I will give it a try for the second time. I don’t have much time left I am getting old and if I still don’t bear a child, well God knows BEST!


  1. hi! I have PCOS too, and am severely obese! Are you taking any medication? I stopped, thinking that it's probably not going away until I lose weight. Besides, the pill was just giving me very difficult migraines. How are you dealing with this?


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