Monday, July 13, 2009

Health issues

After being sick for almost a week this month I’m trying to stay as healthy as I can now. I am quite big but I am not that healthy I know. That PCO syndrome is one of those health problems I have. It’s hard to get sick specially when you don’t have any health care provider except for the government’s Philhealth. I wish our office can give us some health benefits. Or if only I could I’ll have one for me and for hubby.

I have actually inquired to Blue Cross already, most of our bosses are into Blue Cross so I know they’re good, I just don’t know if they are as good as Blue Cross North Carolina. But I know they are easy to talk to.

But for now that I can’t still afford it, like I have said, I am trying my best to stay healthy. I’m taking Fern-C at the moment, also a ferrous sulfate because my last CBC resulted to “severe anemia” and also I am drinking Vitaplus which is also a health drink.

With all those supplements I am feeling a lot better now.

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