Friday, July 10, 2009

Cash for Gold

I remember when I was still young and we still live in the province, I often hear man/woman shouting while wandering the streets, why shout? because they do sell almost everything from bread to fruits, vegetables, the famous taho (soya) and other stuff. Now there is also someone who would shout something like this “buying old and broken watches and buying golds”. Mom used to sell old and broken watches to him.

Now that we live in the city, I don’t hear them anymore except the taho guy.

And selling gold is now entirely different. You can now just send your gold and then wait for your money, only you have to choose the safe one. There are lots of cash for gold sites out there so make sure you studied and weighed all your options. I think is a safe one, why? because they have their 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal which you don’t see in some other sites. It is important to be well informed when you are dealing with money matters so if I were you I’ll go for the safe ones.

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