Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anawangin revisited

We went to Zambales again last June 21, we planned this trip so Liz (a youth missionary fro the US ) can see a bit of our country side. I hope I did not fail her. We stayed in Megan’s resort, we chose the cheapest room we can stay in, and guess what it’s really basic, there were 2 beds and a CR, there is a built in bamboo table outside where we used as the kitchen. We are the only people in the resort so that’s nice.

(Our cabin)
We went to Anawangin cove for a day trip. After negotiating with the boat man and applying loads of SPF lotion not wrinkle cream of course, off we went to the cove.

(On our way to the boat ride- Pundaquit river)

It is still beautiful!! I think the lake is even more beautiful now. The sad thing is there is an additional lot where there are few tables and huts. Obviously this place is becoming so popular thus the additional huts. There were no people except us. We have the entire island for ourselves. We really enjoyed it, well not to mention the big waves that scared me to death. The boat we rented is a smaller boat compared to what we rented before.

I’m sure I’ll be back again to Anawangin, I want to stay overnight again and camp there. It’s so peaceful and so calm. I am really in love with the place.

Group picture!!

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