Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The ADT protection

I’m sure every one of us wants to feel protected most of the time, especially when we have kids that are being left at home when we go to work. I’m sure I’ll be a worry rat when I have to do that also. I tend to be a paranoid and hubby knows that. I remember reading a news item one time about a caregiver beating up an old man whom she was supposed to take care of. Good thing the daughter installed home video surveillance and from there she was able to witness all the beatings and maltreatment her father is getting from his caregiver.

I would love to do that also when I do have my own home already.

I already had an experience with ADT home security few years ago, our office which is also our boss home is armed with that kind of security. And I know how safe she feels even when she is out of home most of the time. Money can’t buy sleep they say but it helps you get a decent sleep when you know you are protected so installing ADT is worth it.

Whether for your home or for your business which remind me we have it also now in one of our offices, I guess the bosses wants to monitor their employees also even whey they are not in the office, I’m sure having this is like having an insurance. You feel secured and protected.

But then, nothing can ever surpassed the protection we get knowing that the Lord is always there to protect us.

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