Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

yes, it's already Thursday (I was supposed to do the Thankful Thursday Post in my other blog) but I was led to post about this weekly meme (my first). It is always nice to think of happy thoughts and isn't it nicer to write it down and share it to the blogging world? So today I would like to think only of happy thoughts. Want to forget stress and problems.

1. The availability of internet
2. Hubby's chicken adobo last night
3. Jabez' hugs ( a 6 y/o kid from the church)
4. Facebook
5. Payu2blog assignments
6. Computer at home working again
7. Foods from sis' house :)
8. a good night sleep
9. no flooding despite of the consecutive rains
10. hubby's hugs & kisses :)

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