Friday, June 5, 2009

Travel Plans

This year has been good so far for me and hubby in terms of travels.

As you all know (well, those who regularly read my blog) that we had our first out of the country trip last February. We went to Macau & Hongkong for a conference and ministry work but of course we did some pasyal too.

I don't see anymore out of the country trip this year (if only we are rich then why not?) but since we have to save for another trip we are planning it next year. My cousin who is a resident of Singapore now is inviting us and I hope this will push through next year. Would like to grab that opportunity because the trip would be less expensive since we will be staying in their place. I heard hotel and hostels in Singapore are quite expensive. Only if there is something like Outer Banks rentals there. That's gonna be one premium vacation for us.

However, that doesn't mean we have no remaining travel plans this year because as early as now we are already booked to ;

Cebu - September 11 to 14
Palawan - December 29- No return ticket yet

Thank you to those airlines who made traveling a little easier on the pocket :)

I still want to go to Boracay this year but that is still on hold unless I can grab another cheap ticket and get an affordable rooms there. Never been to Boracay kasi.

I say we are still blessed. Despite the economic crisis, despite the financial crisis our church is having right now, God is still and will always be so good to us.

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