Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Should I buy shoes online?

Just so I will not have to walk and walk and get tired.

Last Saturday, I tried to shop for a new pair of shoes or sandals. I needed one already. I don’t buy shoes unless I really need them, the one I am using everyday to office has given up on me and so it needs replacement.

I spent almost two hours at the mall trying to look for that best pair, well best means it is not expensive, it is good to look at and most of all it should be comfortable. You may guess I was not able to buy one.

And the sad thing is the money I have allocated for that new pair is also gone. If only I am an expert in buying things online then I would not have to bother to go to the malls and walk an hour just to find one. I am actually trying to learn tips and what nots when buying online, here's a shoes buying guide from shopwiki.com. I am sure you'll learn something from this also.

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  1. ako din, i'm looking for links of local online stores. i tried shopping at ebay before but it was not really a success :-(

    sana makahanap ka si, balitaan mo'ko ha! heheh!


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