Monday, June 8, 2009


hello! how's your weekend guys? I had no post over the weekend because we have no internet connection at home which is very very sad. So I guess I have to make blogging in between my office work & time again ( sorry boss!)

anyways, my cousin, a friend and I were talking over yahoo messenger a while ago and guess what we are talking about? BUSINESS
yes, everyone of us wants to venture into business, only we do not know what business and where to get the money for business..So we are literally dreaming on a broad daylight. :)

But then, there's no wrong in dreaming, as long as you try to do your best to reach your dream. Seriously, I want to have a small business and be my own boss someday.

hey! I forgot to blog about this..I had my hair cut two weeks ago and I'm lovin it! I've been wanting a new hairstyle for ages and so glad I have it now. The hairdresser took half of my hair but it's okay, have no more hair falls and it's easier to manage now. So I don't have to use hair loss products anymore, I was worried before because I have so many falling hair,thought I might end up to hair loss treatment but it seems ok now.

And also..I am so looking forward for this long weekend!! I love holidays!!! hehe :) Although we don't have plans yet but just the thought of not having to wake up early is pure bliss to me :)Maybe we can go to Antipolo and visit my cousin and stay there for the weekend.

gotta go now..will blog again later!

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