Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Offline and t-shirts coming!

If you notice I had no online activity yesterday, didn't logged in to yahoo messenger, to entrecard, to blogger and to face book meaning I am totally off to internet world. Why? I was absent from work because of an upset stomach. Still no internet connection at home and even if we have I don't think I could go online because I slept the whole day.

So I think I have to make up for today.

Should I say I miss my farm in farmtown? hehe!

But of course there is no time to play at work. That's a big NO. Anyways, I'll have plenty of time at home this week because I have no more birthdays and weddings to come!!

Hubs and I will try to do some designs for t-shirts and I'll see if we can make
personalized tote bags as well.

The t-shirts projects has been long overdue and I want to really push through with it now. He'll be on leave next week and I guess that's the right time to do it.

So I guess, you have to wait for our upcoming t-shirts designs and I hope you would wnat to buy one for your self too.

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