Monday, June 1, 2009

Good morning everyone!

As usual I had a very busy weekend so I did not have time to blog and to visit blogs as well. I attended a womens' retreat last Friday and Saturday.I'll do a separate post about it in our ministry blog.

And last Sunday was my niece's 7th birthday. It was super raining so the kids did not really enjoyed the party because we only have 2 tents. But the birthday girl is happy specially with her barbie cake. I'll post pictures later.

For the meantime, I have to list down again stuff that I should blog just so I can't forget.

1. Grace & Freddy's wedding ( a fusion of Filipino & Indonesian wedding traditions)

2. Rachel's 7th birthday

3. Womens retreat

4. And a review of 4 more resorts I've been to this summer. (yes I so enjoyed this summer!)

This week we're back to serious house hunting (to rent that is). This has been long overdue. We were supposed to move out this month and yet we don't have a place until now. A simple house will do as long as it fits our budget and the place is nice. We don't need a glass tile house or mansion like house. I hope we can find one soon.

So there, got to go now. See you all in your blogs later!

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