Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I dream of being a mom

How can you handle 11 miscarriages? I don’t know if you can but this lady endures such pain and agony and yet she speaks of God’s faithfulness and still trust in the Lord. What a beautiful heart she has.

I am blessed, encouraged, humbled as I read her blog today. Please visit MY CHRISTIAN DIARY for a story of a mothers’ strength and faith.

I hope and pray I’ll be as strong as she is.

I have yet to be pregnant; I don’t know if I’ll ever be but if I do I hope we can carry on full term. To be pregnant and lose it soon is more painful than being not pregnant at all I guess.

I still dream of having my own child someday, I dream of having this child with us when we go to church, when we go to parks, when we attend gatherings and family reunions, I dream of buying gifts for my child, giving her the best I could.

I dream of being a mom. And I hope I will become one soon.

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  1. You will be! and in fact you are you are already.... of all the sacrifices you've made for all those young people and children, the Lord has indeed bless you. May God give you the desire of your heart te' raks.
    Just keep on keeping on.


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