Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blue Coral Resort, Laiya Batangas

As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to write a review for each place/resort I went to this summer and here's my review post for Blue Coral Resort.

How to get there

We left Manila at around 3pm and we arrived at pas 7pm. Its usually is 3 hour drive but because of our driver we took it nearly 4 hours. We took South super highway then SLEX then Startoll.

Our Room

The place is beautiful I may say, the rooms are spacious especially the bathrooms!

The room we stayed is called "penthouse" and we have veranda, the view there is so nice!!

View from our veranda
The swimming pool

the adult swimming pool (took this picture from the veranda too)

the kiddie pool
The food

This was a major disappointment to all of us. They do not have restaurant where you can order food instead they do offer buffet meal. We had dinner, breakfast and lunch at P1,050. The food is not good, you would only want to eat it because you're hungry :( So if you want to go there you might as well bring your own food in top of their buffet meal. You won't be needing any diet pill here.

the breakfast

the lunch


There is a billiard table which I forgot to take picture. Again I'll say this place is beautiful. I wish we stayed in one of their house in front of the beach


  1. the place looks so they have website?

  2. I haven't been to this resort yet but it looks like a wonderful place for a weekend getaway.


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