Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Hubs passed the ALS test last October, thus qualifying him to higher education this coming June. We're looking at some TESDA courses because it's free. He wants to learn something about computer, (which I think he's very good at even now) maybe he'll take up computer technician course. I actually suggested welding because I can see that he can use that skill someday in our going out of the country for the mission but i don't wanna make decision for him, he'll take what he thinks will be best for us. I will trust him for that. I don't know why he has no liking to anything industrial, he prefers photoshop rather than industrial hand wheels.

2. Still with hubs, since he is going to school this June, he'll be resigning as a full time staff/worker of our church which means he will no longer receive monthly allowance and us leaving the mission's house. Meaning double additional expenses on our part. And to date, we are still not debt free.

3. I worry a lot about these major major changes coming up in our life. And I know worrying doesn't do me any good. Worried and excited at the same time because we will finally be io our own.

4. I am still not pregnant and I think I am not making any progress. To be honest, I am beginning to lose hope of becoming a mom, of taking care of someone that really belong to us. And I am already redesigning my thoughts and vision of our married life with that. Like us traveling and doing work without a child in tow.


  1. hi..i already visited this site when i won 2nd prize at ask ms recipe's contest to claim the 1000 EC you sponsored..can I have it now? thanks..if you already send me can you give me the name bec. ur blog's name is not there....

  2. Hi Rocks,

    I am too experiencing financial problem and can feel so much the effect of global financial crisis. Still trying to stay positive. God will provide.

    Don't run out of patience & hope to conceiv and have your own baby. God knows when is the best time.


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