Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Questions of the Week #53

1. Have you been good this week?
~ I guess so *~*
2. Name some things you shouldn’t do in a hurry.
~Eat, shower, praying, sleeping (hehe!) buying & choosing home stuff like deciding what kind of air cooler or dehumidifier to buy.
3. Name a sound that drives you nuts.
~the buzzer at home, really I don't wanna hear it ever.
4. When is the last time you bought fresh flowers?
~2 months ago
5. Name the first thought that comes to your mind when I mention “Time”.
~ Is Gold, we should not waste it.
6. Is there something that you’re supposed to do on a daily basis, that you have not yet done today?
~None yet
7. Do you love finding trouble to get into?
~ nope, I avoid trouble
8. Which are you better at, remembering faces or names?
~ Faces but before I used to be so good in remembering names too.
9. Can you see your home on Google’s Street View?
~ No
10. It’s official, I’ve become ___!
~Mrs Abadiano - 3 years ago. *~*

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  1. I like reading other peoples answer for QOTW my 2nd post here,,, Have a lovely day here is mine

  2. hehehe everyone seems to answer time is Gold :)

  3. dropping by sis :)
    here is my QOTW:

  4. Great answers,Rocks! Thanks for joining this week;)

    Btw, your prize is on the way!:)


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