Friday, April 3, 2009

Questions of the Week #52

1. What are you grateful for today?
– I'm grateful for the cool weather today!

2. Do you form your own opinions of others before you ever get the chance to meet them in person?
– sometimes, when we exchanged so many chats and talks over the phone or over the pc.

3. What would be your personalized, or vanity, license plate?
-RUA21 –my initials and the date of our wedding

4. What’s the best thing about the village/town/city you live in?
– It is quiet, so many street lights so you won’t get afraid walking late at night.

5. Have you ever been a victim of prejudice?
-Yes, many times.

6. What is your ideal vacation?
-Spending days with my love ones (meaning the rest of our family) at a place fronting a nice beach.

7. Does someone else’s routine force you to create your own?
-Yes, my routine follows hubs routine I guess.

8. Are you planning any pranks for April Fool’s Day?
-Nope and besides it’s over.

9. What has been your biggest coincidence?
- Nothing so far

10. What do you have to say for yourself?
-You have to feel good and feel beautiful because YOU ARE! naks!

happy weekend everyone! got to search for beautiful shower faucets now.

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  1. sis dropping by from Yen's QOTW... happy weekend! enjoy enjoy...


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