Friday, April 10, 2009


Location : Brgy. Gusi-guis, Sariaya, Quezon
Contact Person : Mr. Cesar
Contact Number : 09285070940
Nipa hut rental - 650.00
Entrance Fee – 60.00 / head

In my search for a not so full packed resort weeks ago, I was led to Mar Del Sol beach resort which is in Sariaya, Quezon. According to the owner it is only 3 hours away from Manila but I guess it took us more than that. We left Makati at around 5 PM and we reached the place at past 8PM. Good thing though is it is not that hard to locate to. We just followed the Paraiso resort signages as we are told to do so.

So what’s in the resort? Lot’s of plam trees and nipa huts, all brand new, some are still unused.
This site is very new and they said we were just the fourth group to go there. We rented a hut that is good for 10 people. The owner is very nice, he allows us to cook our food without extra charge. He also lets us use the fridge. The boys there assisted us and treated us so nice, they even gave us woods for our bon fire. They grilled our fresh fish for us too.

Our breakfast from the resort would be canteen

One thing I love about the resort is because it’s so new there are no other people so we basically have the resort for ourselves, so quiet and so peaceful. The morning after there came another group but that’s it.

The beach is quite far from the huts, around 50 meters? I am not so sure though. The beach sand is not white but it is soft. Also, the water is clear and it is I guess cleaner than the beach of Laiya.

Someone offered us boating for 40.00 per head, we enjoyed swimming with our life vest on but there are no corals to see. I guess it is too deep.

We bought the fish there, guys went to the resort to sell and it’s quite cheap. Fresh pa!
That's 7 big maya-maya for only 500.00
We also had buko for ony 15.00 pesos each.

The owner said, they are still developing the site and so maybe it would be even nicer when all these developments are done.

What to do there?

Swim, sleep, (even there are no sleep number bed there) you can play volleyball

or watch videos like what our boys did. What a way to spend a day on the beach no?

It is quite cheap compare to other resorts but do not expect too much as I have said it is so new and there is nothing much you can do, there is no videoke or billiards or even a store within the resort. But if you are looking for some quiet place, definitely this is worth trying.


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  2. let me give you a piece of advice, dont ever consider or waste your time visiting this resort. its already an abandoned place, its nothing more than an total dismal rundown place. in short, its bulok na like its arrogant owner, a certain mr. noriega. we visited this place last march 2012.

  3. talaga? papunta pa naman kmi dito, sana maganda, malinis at safe..


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