Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Alone

for three long days. (sigh)

Hubby is at the youth camp. He was not supposed to go but he can't say no. He will be leading the worship for the duration of the youth camp.And I know though in his heart he doesn't want to leave me he just have to go and obey God.

This has been actually going on for 3 years now. Since we got married, this is the only time and event that we get to separate for days. I wish I could join him in the next years of youth camp but of course that would mean leaving my job or filing a leave that will fall exactly on that date.

And since he won't be here for three days and two nights, I will have all the computer for myself..hehe! and that would mean I can sleep late too.

I'll be surfing and playing games for two nights and yes will do some reading about health too, this swine flu is scary and we have to be inform di ba? I'll also read some information about mesothelioma.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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