Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 tenors sing the beatles

Because I had no time to even open a computer the whole day that would explain why I am still awake and making posts at this hour.

Just came back from an event an hour ago. It's actually a concert at 1 esplanade. We called it "The 3 Tenors sings the beatles", it was fun though it was of course tiring because it's a job. It's fun to see people enjoying watching the three government officials each don in nice tuxedo and singing with a bit of a dance to beatles song. And who would have not know and love the Beatles right?

Thier own version of "Imagine" was a hit in the crowd :)
Bayani Fernando sang " Imagine there's no traffic....while Angelo Reyes said..Imagine there's no oil price hike..and then Joey LIna said something about election cheating..

The guests enjoyed the show for sure.

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