Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on insurance

Educational Plan, pension Plan, Medical Insurance and so on and so forth, a lot of these kinds have been offered to me from one agent to another. I even chanced upon this free term life insurance quotes but up to this time, haven’t had anything yet. I thought so much about getting some medical insurance because I know we can get sick whether we like it or not, but the recent economic slide down made me think more than twice about it.

I wonder how many Filipinos are insured and I wonder too if we really can hold on to that insurance. I mean we do not know what the future holds, you may or you may not be able to use it if ever.

Nevertheless, it is best to be insured “up there”. I hope you guys know what I mean. It is best to know we are sure of where we are going to when we leave this world.

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  1. aww sure you and hubs are well insured up there :)

    happy weekend!


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