Thursday, March 19, 2009

Questions of the Week #50

1. Is it fun being you?
:: Yes, I am blessed with a wonderful husband.
2. What have you changed your mind about in the past few weeks?
:: Not really changed but thinking of changing my mind about singing with this professional Christian band.
3. Do you find yourself in a better mood on a sunny day?
:: Yes, I love sunny days.
4. When meeting someone new, what makes you feel more comfortable?
:: It makes me feel comfortable with a new acquaintance if we have something in common.
5. If you could be any god or goddess from mythology, who would you be? & why?
:: Venus? Sorry do not know any goddess.
6. How do you spend the night before a “big” day?
:: Probably cramming up  and wide awake.
7. Describe the person that would be the exact opposite of what you find attractive.
:: Mayabang
8. I would be a happier person if…
:: If we could find a better and cheap place to rent soon. It wouldn’t have to be in Wilmington NC real estate , a simple house with one or 2 bedroom will do.
9. Have you ever regretted?
:: Yes, I have made wrong decisions and mistakes but I forgive myself and just move on.
10. I seldom _______ without a _______ in my _______.
:: I seldom sleep without an alarm clock set in my headboard.

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