Friday, March 13, 2009

Praying specific need

We are readying ourselves now for the move. Hubby said we have to find a place before June. So the house hunt is on again. Last night we decided to be specific in what to ask from the Lord in prayer so we said, “Lord, we need a house to rent that is near Makati or in Makati because we still want to be near the church and my work. We need a house that has space for Rudolf’s t-shirt printing.” Probably with two bedrooms but even one bedroom will do.”

I know soon we’ll find it.

And with that, I’ve been thinking of stuff we will need. Living in the mission’s house is somehow living in your comfort zone. And moving out means we have to pay for everything now. House bill such as electricity, water, cable, phone and so on. We need all the extra income now. I hope hubby can take any jobs in IT out there.

Plus we have to buy new household necessities. The need is overwhelming but I am excited. It’s like we’re newly wed again. It’s like we’re starting to build a “home” for us again.

God has been faithful to us in our 3 years of stay in the mission’s house. And true enough, I remember the Lord told me when we arrived there the first day after our wedding vacation, that we will be living there for 3 years. That’s exactly 3 years in May 1.

God is amazing and He does amazing things to bless us and teach us.

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