Thursday, March 5, 2009


Improve Your Self Image with Exercise

What are you doing in terms of exercise?

Exercise is a crucial component of your personal program for gaining the upper hand over PCOS.
We've spoken before about how important exercise is for controlling insulin and balancing your hormones and metabolism.

Here we'd like to discuss how exercise relates to how you feel about yourself. Many of you have
told us that you are unhappy or depressed about how your body looks, especially if you are
overweight or suffer from acne or hirsutism.

And some of you have told us that in spite of exercise, you had difficulty losing weight and gave
up your exercise program.

Recent medical research indicates that regardless of whether you lose weight or not, you should
continue to exercise. Why? Because you will feel better about yourself.

This study was conducted by the University College London. Thirty five overweight women
with PCOS were put on a program of brisk walking for six months.

After six months, the women reported significantly improved feelings about their bodies, even though they didn't lose much wei.ght.

Bottom Line:
If you consistently exercise, you will feel much better about yourself. Make it a lifetime habit. It
will pay huge dividends in terms of your health and self-image.


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