Monday, March 2, 2009

Our MACAU trip -Part 2

Day 2- February 10

We woke up early because we don't want to miss the breakfast at 7-8 AM.

Part of our daily breakfast. Though it's pretty much the same for 3 days I still love it.

And then conference time again from 9 Am to 1 PM. Picture taking with all the attendees as the speaker will be leaving the next day. I had a great time at the conference. It's so nice to hear insights and testimonies from East Asia missionaries.

After the morning session, we then again went out to explore more of Macau. We had lunch at this small canteen near the market and yes we had some hard time ordering and paying again. talk about language barrier.

And then we walk to Guia lighthouse and Guia fort.

We we're actually just looking for the cable car station but we end up climbing that hill to Guia lighthouse. The cable car experience which was very very short.

After that, we went to Sands hotel just to see how they differ from other hotels and casinos there. Just across the Sands hotel is the Fisherman's wharf. There are restaurants here and a lot of stores too.
We then head back to our hotel for the buffet dinner and for the evening session of the conference.

Part 3 -coming up!


  1. Hi Rocks, I enjoyed very much looking at the photos. How I wish I will have the chance to get to Macau someday, too. :)

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