Saturday, March 14, 2009

Macau Part 3-Grand Lisboa

It’s been a month already and I am not yet done with our Macau-Hongkong trip posts. Shame on me. Here’s the Part 3 and hope this is the last.

Here’s more of the picture during our last night in Macau, we went to Grand Lisboa hotel and it is really G-R-A-N-D.

The handcrafted displays are oh so beautiful!

medyo dark nga lang ang’s another one.

And here, posing sa entrance ng old Lisboa which is in front lang naman din nung Grand Lisboa.

We had dinner (courtesy of Vhon) also sa Thai restaurant that is near sa hotel namin. The food is good but it is so spicy.
The morning after, we headed to Hongkong via Ferry. Fare is 140 MOP. And travel time is approximately one hour.

So I guess I’ll make a separate post for our Hongkong sidetrip.

Stay tuned.

You can see the Part 1 here and PArt 2 here.


  1. wow, how exciting naman the events i missed reading about here... these are great pictures.

    by the way, i tagged you again here,sis... if you feel like it.
    Happy weekend!


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