Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's go to Baguio please

I don't know but I've been thinking of going to Baguio lately. I think it's been 4 years since my last visit.

And I am wanting to go to Baguio this Holy Week. Sad that it's peak season and tourist from everywhere swamps Baguio at this time, everyone wants a colder temperature in the midst of the summer heat. And because it's peak season everything is set to higher cost lalo na hotel rates.hay!

If I have the money I will still go. I still have to discuss this with hubby but I'm sure he'll agree if the church will give them free time too on that dates and if money will not be a problem of course. Considering we spent a lot with our Macau-Hongkong trip.

If not this holy week, maybe we can go on our anniversary which is on April 21. That's a good reason to go.

I'll use all my efforts and talents to search for cheap but nice place to stay in there, after all I'm beginning to be an expert in doing super budget trips. Naks!

lion head at kennon road

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  1. yes yes ako din i want to visit baguio... :D

  2. sama kami :)

    if sure ka na, try ko patanong sa mga transient house na kakilala ng bro ko. better to reserve early kasi maraming tao talaga for sure.


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