Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Monday again :(

Actually it's still Sunday night but I in few hours it will be office day again. But then again I know I have reasons to be happy too because next next Monday will be a holiday!! Whoooo! Nothing can beat a holiday on Monday. I know you working moms out there know what I mean.

So how was my weekend?

Well, I am so glad this weekend was not that busy as I was expecting. The plan of going to Divisoria was canceled so I just stayed home yesterday.

But this afternoon, right after the worship service and lunch,we went out with our friend J-mie and Vhon. I miss going out to the mall but I didn't realize that not until we were there at the Mall of Asia. Believe me, we have never been to MOA probably since last quarter of 2007. And I still don't find it appealing unless you're going there to buy something you need. We went to Our Home section and saw some good furnitures and a nice tv stand at a very good price. It's not that far but it is still not convenient enough for us to go to more often.

After Moa we visited Nicole in Alabang our cute goddaughter. We missed her so much :) Am so glad to see her again.

There goes our weekend. Monday is yet to come but I am looking forward now to next weekend because as I have said it's a long weekend and we will go to the beach!!! Exciting!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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