Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Graduation Ryan!

I just came back this afternoon from Bulacan. I attended my eldest nephew's graduation. He graduated with an award and I just have to be there. I was there when he graduated from pre-school and I was there with him practically with all the important happenings in his life. He's entering high school soon and I am so proud of him.

I remember when I graduated from elementary way back (let's just forget the date ok) . I don't know if we even had some foods as handa, it was like an ordinary day to us, no fuss. It's so different now. My sister made it so special she really prepared something for us to feast on. See these foods?
Ryan, you just finished the first step and it is still a long journey. I hope and pray you continue to value your education. High school is a lot different from elementary but I know you can make it. I love you anak. I will just be here for you.

Tita Rocks
For the mean time, got to go and start dropping EC's now. I heard some good news from them last week and I hope it is true. And i still have to do that insurance quote on my task list.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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  1. congrats to your's graduation month and incidentally me & my kids will attend 2 graduation celebration twice this week.


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