Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally! My starbucks planner

is here :)

We got it yesterday. I waited for 3 months for this planner, that makes it special now aside from the fact that it's my first ever starbucks planner. Hubby was more excited when he received the text saying we can now claim it. And to make up for their customers, the planner came with a black bag and a treat card, you can get your second cup of coffee free if you use that. When we reserved and surrendered my card they gave us a voucher too which is still unused until now. So I guess I'm seeing a starbucks date with hubby soon :) Wish they have something like home theatre seating, perfect for a coffee date.

So, does it worth the wait? well, no of course because it's almost end of March. But yes in a way that I love the pages of it. I just hope they'll provide it earlier next time.

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  1. wow ang tagal! i got mine late na din pero not as late as yours..i think mid january ko nakuha yung sa akin


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