Saturday, March 28, 2009

Extra income for Vitamin C

Fern C has been the talk of the town or office rather for the past few days. Why? because someone gave a seminar regarding Fern C. I'm sure you have heard about it and most likely tried it. They say it's not just your ordinary Vitamin C but according to them it can also be a cure to some diseases such as diabetes or asthma and many more.(have yet to do my own research)

So after all the talks and praises about that vitamin, I am encouraged now to try it too and not only that, because I am thinking I'll be likely buying for me and hubs, why not then be a seller and have some extra income. Honestly I think this one is much easier to sell than Vitaplus which I am currently drinking now.

Just recently they launch the second product which is Fern slim. I guess this is weight loss pills and it's included in the package you get when you become a seller.

What do you think? would it be a wise decision? trying to be healthy and earning extras with that, but of course I know I still have to exert effort to be able to make some sales.

Anyone wants to buy? Just message me. I'll give you discounts promise. :)

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  1. hi ate. well, sounds good and little less expensive too i guess. can u send me a package of the vitamins? and don't forget the discount...hehehe


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