Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why I love Friday night?

One thing I love about Fridays is that I can stay up late as in really really late at night and do some ME time because I don't worry of waking up early in the morning coz it's Saturday!! I love waking up late on Saturdays. I love the thought of not going to work actually. :) and ME time means, I can surf as long as I want or should I say as long as the our internet connections allows me to. It can also mean I can just watch TV the whole night or read and finish a good book (which I seldom do now).

Anyways, since this is one of those Friday night..oh I stand corrected-It's already Saturday morning. Time check 3:33 AM.

So far, I already posted from my through the rain and made to worship blog. Check it out if you want to.

I checked mine and hubby's facebook account.

I checked some money making sites only I was disappointed. I see tough times with regards to finances coming up. I have been thinking of doing any sidelines so we can make it through until all the debts are settled. As a matter of fact I am thinking of doing sales though I don't have any sales training. What items are good to sell kaya at this time?

I also checked my emails and I am still dropping cards.

See what a ME time can do?
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Good night everyone! well, good morning would be better!


  1. yes me too, i love friday nights. actually, i consider friday after 5pm as the official start of the weekend. hope you are having a good one.

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    God bless you and thank you.



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