Monday, February 23, 2009

Restless and weight gain

I have yet to post more about our Macau and Hong Kong trip. My hands are still full and I haven’t had the time to take a full rest since January of this year.

Last weekend was even more hectic. We went to Divisoria with two of my friends getting married this year. We scouted for cheap bridal gowns and some wedding items. J-mie and Vhon bought small bottles for their “message in a bottle” invitation. And then we went to Quezon City to check the venue for Grace’s wedding on May 23.

I don’t know but I am thinking of giving up my job again (for the nth time). If only I am debt free, it would not be that hard. I wish it would be October soon.

After the Fishnets meeting yesterday, I really thought of going full time in the ministry but not yet at this time. Sooner.

Well, I am not complaining because you see even If I work too hard and don’t get much sleep and rest I am still getting bigger. And again for the nth time I know I need to lose weight for the sake of my health and I have to attend two wedding this year. Gosh I can’t imagine how I will look with all those formal dresses I am going to wear. Just looking at our recent pictures in Macau and HK makes me want to discard all those pictures of mine. Mind you, we have tons of pictures from that recent trip (which also reminded me and hubby to get memory upgrade).

I really need to do something about my weight. Well, for the start I limited my rice intake and am currently forcing my self to eat more fruits. I still have to finish the orange I have in my table now. I wish there is an easy way.

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  1. inggit ako sa trip!!!

    and good luck with the diet and exercise thing sis... siguro baby steps ganda... paunti-unti till something is a habit na :) and yun nga, replace everything with healthier options that do not necessarily have to be more expensive :)



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